About Can Family

Photo: Mads Teglers

CAN is like, hmm how to explain ... a can filled with oddities. CAN family is an infinite universe, a cornucopia of color and form, music and magic. Working as a family, as a creative force, staying curious and trying new things strengthens our language, our style, our love and has become the heart and soul of CAN family. 

We welcome you into our world filled with art, objects and exquisite old original vinyl records 

I introduce to you;

A great dad, my husband, a very talented artist and a brilliant dj + collector of vinyl records. 

My oldest – 17 years old, real and raw, fierce and fun.

My youngest – 13 of age, brave and inspiring, experimental and explosive.

Both born into art, raised by creatives and lives by the rules of love, support and artistic freedom. They are truly artists by heart on a journey.

And least but not last…

Yours sincerely

Wife, mother, art director, illustrator, artist and in love with my family and our life work.