EXHIBITION November 26 2020

After many years as a graphic designer, Stine Maria Aalykke now 100% joins Can Family, together with her husband Martin Aalykke Kristiansen. The artist couple opens the doors to their first joint exhibition as a tribute to Can Family - gallery and record store. The exhibition is a heartfelt thank you to all the people who over the years have visited the store in Tullinsgade to look at art, listen to records and chat with Martin and Stine. Internationally, the record section has attracted everything from young local DJs to Elijah Wood and Frank Ocean.

TAKING A BREAK OUTSIDE by Stine Maria Aalykke
INK & COLLAGE SERIES by Martin Aalykke
CAN KERAMIK by Stine Maria Aalykke


TAKING A BREAK OUTSIDEArtist and illustrator Stine Maria Aalykke is fascinated by the suction in the stomach that a break in nature can create. Everyone, everywhere seems to be busy. When and how do we take a break from what is happening around us - physically and mentally, socially and personally, online as well as offline? In her new series of “Taking a Break Outside”, Stine Maria Aalykke immortalizes an immersion and an essential presence in nature, by depicting a simple moment, a person, an emotion. It can be the sound of the sea’s uniform breath, the silence of winter in cotton wool, the scent of a flower or the abundance of the forest.

,, With the desire to be allowed to be more in the now, I explore with this series of portraits the sensuous  and the calm feeling. Surrounded by a hectic pace, high expectations and constant changes, I portray the contrast to the world today - to stop, to breathe and just be. That is what nature gives us. ” - Stine Maria Aalykke

Stine has led the Can universe into a new series of handheld ceramics that speak directly into the hunger of the times for beautiful colors and quirky motifs. It is a limited edition collection with everything from cups with two handles, large jars and the popular Hand / Paw now as a dish. The collection is created in collaboration with Stine’s mother Kate Aalykke in the true Can Family spirit.

INK & COLLAGE SERIES by Martin Aalykke
In addition to constantly expanding the repertoire of records in Can Family, the Covid-19 crisis has given artist, dj og record curator Martin Aalykke Kristiansen a natural break to create a large collection of beautiful ink drawings and collages.

The two Copenhagen based artists Stine Maria Aalykke and Martin Aalykke Kristiansen have for more than 15 years run the well-known family business Can Family a record store and gallery on a characteristic corner on Tullinsgade 5 a side street to the famous Værnedamsvej. Together with their daughters, they have created a recognizable, fun and unpretentious universe with color and shape, and music.

Welcome to!
The new works for Stine’s “Taking a break Outside” and Martin’s Ink & Collage Series are launched Corona - friendly by an Open House Event on November 26, from 12 - 19 where Martin of course plays records and we pour our new signature wine from Vin Super Natural, where we has designed the etiquette. In addition, all works will be available for purchase online from 28 November.
A few of the works will also be available as Limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the artists.

Contact Stine - contact information for lending works.